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small business server & server essentials benefits

Microsoft Small Business server (Server Essentials) technology enables companies up to 75 employees to gain access to some of the most compelling Microsoft server technology. Small Businesses gain access to email, group collaboration tools, remote access, internal company website enabling them to utilize the same technology as larger competitors.

Traditionally the main challenges companies running Small Business Server face is the lack of qualified IT staff to support the system and long lead times when service or support is required.

4IT Systems Ltd superior level of proactive support provides your business with all the advantages of a dedicated server while eliminating all the challenges.

NOTE: SBS has now been discontinued and replaced with the less feature rich "Foundation Server Essentials", however copies of SBS2011 are still available for purchase.

Remote Working

Working Away From Office

Have your email, contacts and documents at your fingertips, everywhere.

Remotely connect your Road Warrior laptop clients to your business network via Microsoft's secure VPN technology allowing access to your corporate network facilities


Remote Web Access

Remote Web Access (formally Remote Web Workplace) provides a single, simple, consolidated, and highly secure entry point into a small business network. Access files and documents from inside and outside the business through any common web browser.

Mobile Email

Mobile Email

With Outlook Web Access and Direct Push Email you can work on the go, never be out of touch and always have access to the information you need.

Enable your staff to send and receive email, make appointments, view their own and shared calendars, set reminders, find contact details and access public folders anywhere in the world.

Whatever your requirement our experienced engineers will help specify mobile hardware (laptops, PDAs or Smartphones), carry out configuration and enable the required services on your Windows Server.

Outlook Web Access (OWA)

We can configure your business systems to allow secure and safe access to your office email, calendar and contacts from any Internet enabled device with a web browser.

Benefits of OWA:

  • Increases productivity as employees can work outside the office
  • Send and receive email and documents on the go
  • Easy to use - very similar to Microsoft Outlook
  • Any number of users can access the service at the same time
  • Information is stored centrally, so whether you are using a PC, laptop, PDA, Internet cafe or Wi-Fi hotspot you will have access to everything wherever you are, all synchronised automatically.

Direct Push Email

Windows Direct Push email technology takes messaging to the next level, by adding instant delivery to your phone, PDA or Tablet. Exchange Server sends Outlook messaging directly to your device.

Benefits of Direct Push Email:

  • New messages are sent directly to you ensuring faster response times
  • Messages are delivered to both your mobile device and PC providing access to everything wherever you are
  • Data compression allows faster transmission of messages
  • Messages are sent via existing Internet connections reducing costs as no third party connection is required (as with a BlackBerry device, for example)
  • Encrypted connection ensures information is always protected


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